It's gonna be amazing.

[lol, this turned out to be a longer post than I expected but the marathon deets r at the bottom-ish]

OK so I just picked up a large Super Supreme pan pizza from Pizza Hut.

After finishing MY LAST RUN.

We’re here baby. The NYC Marathon is this Sunday—the culmination of a two year physical, emotional, and spiritual journey.

It was exactly two years ago that I ran my first race with Sharukh. It was only 5 miles and yet I struggled mightily.

I started writing again that same month. The same month that I signed up for the gym.

I started playing tennis again, too.

And rebuilding more meaningful relationships with the people in my life that really matter.

And then we started making kewl (but not very good) videos.

Cuz it’s not really about running, right?

Cuz really, I still hate running, lol. So much.

Cuz it’s really about living life in the most forthright way possible.

And now we’re here, two years later. For a while, it was all really abstract. For so long, I felt so lost every single day.

But in the last couple of months, it’s been really weird and really crazy and really exhilarating. Things have started to come to fore. Results are more quantifiable.

That last couple of months have been a whirlwind of awesomeness.

Man, 2019 is gonna be so good. Still a grind, but a different kind of grind now.

I can’t wait.

But for now, THE BIG RACE. (Don’t worry, I’ll write about it more after the fact.)

Lol, this was supposed to be a short post because all I wanted to say was that—if you’re gonna be in the city this Sunday and you’re feeling it, come out and cheer us on!!!

The vibes are gonna be incredible.

And I might even have a DONUTS tee for you.

OK, here’s the info:

Start time: 10:40

Projected finish time: 3:10-4:10 (lol gotta give myself a lot of buffer)

My bib number: 48196

You can track our progress here:

We’ll probably grab some drinks after dinner in the LES, too, most likely at RPM—you’re obviously welcome to join. If so, shoot me a text or an email.

Jutty, cya at mile 7!

Susan/Aileen, ready for you at 13!

And special shoutout to the crew—Sammy, Walter, and Sharukh. Thanks for sticking with me. We’re gonna kill it. (Well, you guys def are. Well, maybe Walter, not so much LOL.)

But no matter what happens on Sunday, we already did it. The real work, the real thing that we did. That’s already done.

All that’s left to do is celebrate.

Life is grand, no?

Anyway, I love you all and hope to see you out there <3

Top photo: Halloween in New Orleans 🙂