And my good friend Vahe.

I remember the first time I met Vahe.

It was my first week in SF. I was sitting at my desk, not knowing anyone, pretending to look kewl and busy, like I knew what I was doing. (Hint: I didn’t.)

And out of nowhere, this dude in a colorful t-shirt and way too many vibez, rocking a huge DLSR camera in one hand, the other extended, welcoming, is suddenly all up in my face, jarringly disrupting my facade of faux chillness.


And, I’m like, oh hi, Alec, as I start to slowly stand up, still startled. I meet his extended hand with my own, intimidated by the dude’s energy and presence, but also intrigued.

“LET’S GO TAKE YOUR PHOTO,” he commands, waving his Canon 6D around in the air.

Suddenly, I’m feeling super vulnerable and self conscious. I wasn’t ready for this. I’m not wearing my favorite t-shirt.

But in this moment, I’m not ready to say no to this guy named Vahe, this guy who is totally unlike anyone else at this company I just started working for the day before.

“OK, let’s go,” I peep, still trying to maintain an air of control and self-confidence.

And so we go.

That’s the thing with Vahe.

When he says go, whether you’re ready or not, it’s time to go.

And it’s what I love about the guy.

That’s how it all began.

Last year, he quit his job, a very good job, took some time to travel the world a bit, and then moved to LA.

To become a rockstar.

So my sister Nina and I decided to pay him a visit.