So does my mom.

“Yeah, I got issues, and one of them is how bad I need you.” —Julia Michaels

By the time I’ve posted this, my mom and I will have just gotten back from her FIFTH GYM SESSION in the last week. (She got her Gold’s Gym membership exactly one week ago.)

If you know anything about my mom, then you’ll know how crazy this is.

I’m super proud of her.

It’s funny how the timing works because I got my own gym membership exactly one year and one week ago.

Surviving and blasting through the 3-day mark I think is a huge mental barrier.

So my mom is really making huge strides.

It’s funny, she had to go to the city on Wednesday for some paperwork stuff so we had to skip our daily session.

And when she got back she was super tired. And also super sore. She was complaining about her right shoulder. And she just didn’t want to go to the gym the next morning. She really didn’t want to go. (This was the 3-day mark at the time.)

It’s always harder, too, when you’ve skipped a day.

Man, she was complaining so much.

But then you should have seen her afterward the next morning after an hour of LES MILLS BODY PUMP. She was just totally radiant. Beaming.

“What a beautiful life I live,” she beamed as we walked to the car, her face still red and puffy from the sauna.

I lol’ed.

[We actually got back from the gym just now, and we actually stayed longer because my mom was so pumped from her first workout she wanted to check out the next class, too, a Zumba dance workout type thing that she was really curious about lol.]

The gym has been good for me, too.

One of the kewl things for me, is that, these days, I don’t really listen to the radio anymore. And it’s pretty much what we all listened to growing up.

You feel kind of out of touch. Not just with radio music but also with all your friends who all used to be on the same page, music wise, but now are all listening to their own customized Discover Weekly.

Anyway, the gym is kewl because they play radio music.

And I’m not like an earbud-when-I-workout type of person. I don’t listen to music when I run, either.

So every morning at the gym, I basically get to listen to like radio pop music for an hour, which is fun.

I’ve been sort of a pretentious hipster so it just exposes me to so much stuff I normally wouldn’t listen to.

I’m Shazaming constantly while I workout.

(I’m definitely the least kewl person at the gym, lol.)

So one song that’s been playing the last few months has been that Julia Michaels song, Issue.

(I say Julia Michaels casually like I know who she is. I have no idea who she is and this is the first song of hers that I’ve ever heard.)

And it’s a solid pop song.

But more importantly, it sort of encapsulates perfectly my relationship with my mother. (Which sort of says a lot maybe lol since the song is definitely not about Julia Michael’s relationship with her mother.)

IDK, I wouldn’t consider myself a momma’s boy. But I’ve always had a very close relationship with my mom.

And it’s not like a chill relationship. It’s super fiery. We are always butting heads. We’re both extremely stubborn. She’s super annoying. And I’m incredibly difficult.

In other words, we have issues.

All of this has been turned up to 11 since I’ve been living at home and also because of her illness.

I mean I had been living independently for over 10 years, so obviously I’m not taking any of her crap anymore.

Meanwhile, she hasn’t changed. She’s still my mom. Still super annoying. Ugh.

But you know, she’s still my mom.

There’s this thing she’ll say every time I’m being difficult.

“You better not treat your (future) girlfriend like this!” (I have no relations. I am alone. All I have. Is my mom.)

And I’m like WTF mom, you’re not my girlfriend.

You’re my mom!!!

I’m stuck with you, damnit!!!


A few weeks ago, I had to head into the city for this dinner thing. Walter’s super kewl wife Nadia was arriving in America and it was sort of her big welcome party. (Hence the opening to the video, which is the downstairs of Black Flamingo. [hehe, sry Sammy])

And also the first time I’d be meeting her.

First impressions are very important.

So obviously, I had to schedule a haircut, but the only available slot with my guy was super early, around noon.

Which just killed my day. So much dead time. My laptop isn’t powerful enough for me to edit 4K video on the road. So a bunch of dead time like that is a real bummer, especially on a weekday.

Anyway, make lemonade right.

An artist friend that Rob introduced me to, John, had just arrived in NY for a semester at Pratt. (He’s the one giving a solid protip in EPISODE 13.)

He was raving about the Whitney.

So I decided I’d check that out.

I have no problem going to the museum alone. Sometimes, it’s better that way.

But it’s also nice if you have a date.

I decided to take my mom.

And the way it played out, was definitely a classic me-and-my-mom type situation.

We got into a mini fight at the end about nothing. But then by the time I walked her to the train station, we had both forgotten all about it.

Mainly, we just appreciated a moment, a day, where we got to spend some quality time together.

Because these days, that’s all that really matters.

But anyway, listen to the song.

Cuz that’s me and my mom in a nutshell.

Happy Friday.

Top photo: Mom doing some laps around the high school track after I got her matching running shoes for her birthday this past August. (She’s a leo.)