bad haircuts

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Anyway, in Chrome, you should be able to click through to the site by clicking on ADVANCED. You’ll get a lot of warnings. Whether or not you heed them is up to you I guess. I’m fine with being officially dangerous.

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So I got a bunch of responses to Tim Ferriss hating on SF, perhaps not unexpectedly. (See how I deflected responsibility there? The sign of good leadership. Or at least a good indicator of leadership longevity. Maybe.)

Greg writes: “Real truth is the ultimate stance.”

Sterling writes: “This anti-SF rank cracked me up… I am in your camp on that :)”

ZZ, who lives in SF, writes: “thanks for that morning dose of hate / feeling bad about myself”

(ur welcome.)

Pawan writes: “link to your site doesnt work”

(ya, i kno, buddeh.)

Rahul, who is from Socal, but currently lives in Oakland (and is the founder of a company HQ’d in SF) writes: “sad reality of SF’s current vibe… :(”

(sorry if i didn’t post your response. the best way to increase the probability that i do is to respond more :D)

But I saved the best for last.

Here’s Kim:

As an SF native I feel the need to defend myself, but also as an SF native I can see why people hate The Bay and what it’s turned into.

SF is a hard place to live in, and I think it’s harder for us natives.

Most of the SF natives I know are working the blue collar jobs, and are totally forgotten or unseen. Most of us can’t compete with the influx of starry eyed Harvard business school grads.

I think you saw me struggle and hate on everything at Ripple. That environment is not something I want to surround myself with everyday.

To me it’s pretty joyless.

I hate having to listen about tech, or trends. whatever.

I just want to sit on the dock of the bay late at night. I want to sit there and listen to fog horns while I’m watching the mist roll by Alcatraz like an old 40s film noir. I’d like to sit and contemplate about the simple stuff

Or sometimes I think about whether the 1962 escape from Alcatraz was successful or not lol

And then I’ll go to a mom and pop sandwich shop I’ve been going to for years and get myself a bite to eat.

(And I disagree with your opinion on SF sandwiches. You really are a hater lol. You need to find better options that aren’t on Yelp)

It’s sad to see what SF’s turned into. I feel like every day is a struggle and I’m struggling with anxiety and fear that didn’t exist before I started working. FOMO is real and alive in San Francisco.

Also the point about the McCarthyism is SO true. Gabe wouldn’t tell me that he didn’t vote Democratic for the election because he was afraid of my reaction- and we’ve been together for almost 8 years.

He still won’t tell anybody publicly because he knows exactly how he’d be treated by everyone if he did so.

Like that’s scary. SF is not a place for open- mindness anymore.

Tbh I blame tech and not SF.

I want tech out.

So if people like Tim Ferriss or you decide to leave because it’s somehow SF’s fault then that’s ok with me.

Give me back my city. I want the dark tech cloud to go somewhere else.

Austin is cool, let it go there lol. Let it go to Phoenix, Portland. Wherever.

SF wasn’t meant to have so many people anyway. 🙂

Also I don’t like NY.

This was nice. This was really nice. Nice enough that I will overlook that NY shade at the end. You deserved it, Kim.

She also had like a mini addendum, which is worth sharing, too:

On an unrelated note – I like your idea of resolutions after turkey day. I’m taking steps now too in a similar direction, and I’m trying to build good habits.

Meditating, therapy, and a gym membership sounds like a good way to start.

Positive change feels good. 🙂

Oh also also also I asked about IG because I thought you deleted it. I’m still social media free and it feels great! Join me.

Ok rant over but like how can you write such a negative post after the national day of thanks?

I’m not accepting your hate today. Go drink hot cocoa.

Ya, so I didn’t delete IG. I just use a lot less now. I was trying to get into it a little. You know, develop my “brand” because that’s what douchebags like me do these days. But I just couldn’t keep it going. And as much as I love my friends, checking out what they’re doing is really not that fun for me, lol. No offense. You guys are living very interesting lives.

I do still love Snapchat. I go through phases, too, but I keep coming back and I use it pretty regularly. Because Snapchat is different. Snapchat is just me talking to my friends. I like that. Whereas IG is like me putting on a series of poses, you know? One feels real and authentic and intimate. And in the other, I’m just a poser.

Re: negative post. I should note that I explicitly had a nice, fun post on TG. And saved for the rant for Black Friday. That seems fair, no??

Re: Black Friday. This is something I’m super proud of, but my mom signed up for the gym this past friday, got a nice Black Friday deal and all. This morning, we just completed DAY TWO, baby.

Can’t wait for DAY THREE.

We are on to big, big things, people.

You, me.

And mommy.

Happy Monday <3

Top photo: from left to right—Vahe, Lena, Me, and Ani in Dolores Park. wanted to find a photo of me and kim, but was harder since, you know, she’s not on social media. ALSO, i wanted to show off my really bad haircut. SF really brought out the worst in me. fact.