Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

I had a dream last night that I wrote this post about how grateful I was for all of you guys, lol, seriously, that happened.

So now I obviously have to actually write that post.

But yeah, seriously.

I am super grateful for all of you guys. You don’t know how much I appreciate your support. It’s what makes everything worth it.

And I definitely learn more from you guys than the other way around.

If you missed the correction to the last post, I basically made a joke about how I love eating egg yolks because I love eating unborn babies.

Meg correctly noted: “The white is the unborn baby. The yolk is its lunchable.”

I also joked that eating 5 eggs at a time will give me high cholesterol. (By now, you’ve probably realized that my jokes are pretty bad.)

Adam reached out: “Cholesterol in your blood isn’t effected much by the cholesterol you eat.”

“Only about 5% of the cholesterol in your body comes from the cholesterol in foods you eat. The rest your body produces.”

“You know what amps up your body’s production of cholesterol? Yup, you guessed it, sugar, aka carbohydrates.”

Kim asks: “Did you quit IG?”

No, I didn’t. Lurk all the time, just haven’t been posting. I’ll be back soon.

So over the weekend I hung out with my friends Mike and Haeni who were visiting from London. It was a grand old time. It was so nice to properly see them.

And also inspiring.

The last time I saw them was exactly one year ago in Hong Kong. Back then, their company, Kitri, was just an idea. Since then they’ve turned it into a real thing and it’s really amazing. They’re killing it. (No, really, they’re killing it.)

So much can happen in a year. (They also got married in that time. <3<3)

(Also, doesn’t Mike and Haeni sort of make you think Milk and Honey?)

I know so many people who talk about doing stuff so when someone you know actually goes out and does it, well, yeah, that’s what it’s all about.

So I got back from China in late November and I have this thing where I like starting my New Year Resolutions after Thanksgiving.

Black Friday is basically the start of the new year for me.

That way, by the time the actual new year rolls around, those habits are already more or less built up, you’ve already got momentum versus starting from a dead stop.

Last year, it was just after Thanksgiving that I ran my first road race, finally got a gym membership, and also started writing every day.

So I am pretty excited to get started on this next chapter. It’s especially exciting I think because now we’re building on all the stuff we did this past year versus starting from scratch.

We’ve got momentum.

Year 1 is fun because it’s the honeymoon.

But Year 2 is when the real work happens.

Ok, now for some chill things.

Last night, I watched Wind River (I’m writing this up in the car so no links for anything, sorry.), which is by the guy who did Sicario and also Hell and High Water, two movies which were fantastic.

I just love like, a simple story told well, and that’s what this guy specializes in.

Versus, say, Christopher Nolan who prefers complicated stories told OK but with lots of pizzazz.

Starring Jeremy Renner and Elizabeth Olsen (THAT Elizabeth Olsen). Both are excellent.

And it takes place mostly on an Indian reservation in Wyoming, basically the Wild West in a modern context, which is fun.

Highly recommend. Wouldn’t be surprised if it won some awards.

Compare that to that other sort of buzzy movie that came out this past week on Netflix, Mudbound, which was just sort of overwrought and pretentious and emotionally manipulative (despite having good reviews—Critics are such saps). Just all around obvious.

Watchable but really not a fan.

I also started reading The Remains of the Day by Kazuo Ishiguro. He’s the guy who just won the Nobel for Literature though this book is from the 90s I think.

I haven’t read enough to tell you much but it’s about a butler in post-war England.

But the important thing is that he works in the Darlington House for a guy named Darlington.

Back in the day, when we first got to America and my dad was still getting his master’s degree and we were super poor, my mom took a live-in nanny job for an old woman named Darlington. So we all lived in her house on top of a mountain in Hyde Park. (It was great, my mom got paid, my dad could study, and we saved on rent.)

Today’s post starts with a dream and ends with one.

I was like 3 or so at the time. Still a noob at everything. Every morning, my mom would come by and take me to the bathroom.

One morning, I had this vivid dream that I got up and went to the bathroom myself.

My mom comes over, and she’s like, it’s time.

And I’m like, yo, chill mom, I already went.

It’s the only time in my entire life that I’ve wet the bed.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Top image: nothing beats some deadlift sets before a big meal 😀