It's a big deal!

IDK, this week I just had this crazy urge to write and I got all these ideas about writing, very grand and ambitious writing ideas.

I think in part it’s also because like one chapter was ending and a new chapter is beginning.

That’s what it feels like.

The last chapter was all about like, getting myself mentally and physically to a place where I felt really, really good about myself while also jump starting the video portion of DONUTS, which, to me, is the future.

That’s where DONUTS will really shine, where DONUTS will live for the most part because that’s also where I think we can provide a truly unique perspective, product, and experience.

And it also just makes me happy.

Writing is awesome. I love writing. But it’s also very narrow and insular in a way.

Video, on the other hand, I think emphasizes a wider spectrum of my natural talents and interests.

There is the storytelling aspect, but there is also so much more.

So it just makes a lot of sense.

But anyway, I still want to write, I love writing and writing is super important to me. (At some point I would like to write some fiction, but IDK if we are there yet.)

So yeah, I sat down on Tuesday to write and I wrote like 7-8 pages, sort of reflecting on stuff and whatnot, just rambling, mostly.

And I got to page like 9, and I was just like, lol IDK. I just wasn’t feeling it and I scrapped the whole thing.

It just didn’t feel right.

I am super tempted to write more just because like, I know that’s sort of what people want. And I also love the instant gratification of doing it.

But I also don’t want to lose focus and sort of revert to what’s comfortable.

Also because we are making steady, steady progress with video. I’m super excited on that front. We are developing very organically. I love it. (We have a bunch of EPISODES in the pipeline, stay tuned!!!)

Yesterday, I came across this Russian fable by Ivan Krylov called the Cat and the Cook:

Once there was a cook who was much better educated than his fellows.

He was able to read and write, and he had a clever way with words. One evening, he left his kitchen to join some friends at a nearby tavern. As he had a good supply of food, he left his cat to keep it safe from mice and rats.

When he returned, however, he was horrified to see the remains of a pie strewn over the floor. The cat was crouched in a corner, purring contentedly, with a chicken  in his mouth.

“Oh, you glutton!” scolded the furious cook. “How dare you face me?

Until now you were a trustworthy cat, a model of behavior, who guarded my kitchen faithfully.” The cat, meanwhile, was busily eating the chicken.

“What a  disgrace  you  are!” continued the cook.

“Now the neighbors will say, that cat is a thief, a criminal! Letting him into the kitchen is like turning a hungry wolf loose in a barnyard!!!”

The cat listened but kept right on eating. The cook, however, was determined to preach and teach.

He continued to reproach the cat, never stopping the flow of his angry words.

Nor did he notice that while he delivered his lecture, the cat calmly finished off the chicken.

The cook, it seems, had never learned that words are wasted when it’s time for action.

That sort of sums it up pretty well for me in terms of where we’re at.

Sometimes, it’s right to talk.

But other times, you just gotta do.

And we are deep into a doing phase right now.

We’ll chat more once we get to the other side of that.


While we’re here, I might as well get some stuff off my chest, ya? Bahahah.

I’ve avoided talking about Donald Trump because honestly, there is like, nothing to report. The presidency has been Groundhog’s Day, more or less.

Trump will do something or say something that rattles everyone and triggers people and everyone makes a fuss about it and some people will say, NOW HE’S DONE IT. A BRIDGE TOO FAR, DT. IT’S OVER NOW.

But of course, it’s not over. The polls will come in and like 99 percent of his supporters still love him, which further emboldens him to take his favored us against the world stance, further isolating himself and his administration.

Then things quiet down and he actually gets to work—with the Republicans, obviously—and it looks like he is learning and behaving and maturing and evolving. And people start to get a little hopeful, like, whoa, this is OK. I mean, this is… OK. He’s focused on his talking points. He’s focusing on his agenda. It’s an establishment Republican agenda, but, hey, it’s something, one way or another.

And then of course, some banana peel falls out of the sky from left field, about the size of a football field to the left of where Donald Trump is standing. And he will will look up, take a couple sniffs, and go, hmmmmmm.

And proceed to jog about 100 yards directly at the banana peel so he can face plant and start this cycle all over again. And people will be like BAHAHHA NOW HE’S DONE IT. A BRIDGE TOO FAR, DT. YOU’VE DONE IT NOW.

And comedians will make the same tired jokes about how he is dumb and how he did this dumb thing.

Yeah we’ve seen it all before.

We’ve seen it so many times.

I’m sort of numb to it.

And I’m sort of bored of the political comedy.


Something changed this week.

Something really big changed.

And you know, you have to give Trump credit for, at the very least, switching things up.

So we are at that stage of the cycle again. Donald Trump said some stuff post Charlottesville which hardcore triggered lots and lots of people for good reason.

And you know, we went through the motions, we got outraged. People came out and were like, yo this ain’t kewl man. Charlottesville was, you might say, extra egregious in terms of Trumps many banana peels, and so like the motions of outrage had a bit more momentum. It went on and on.

I guess it was bad enough to Steve Bannon got axed, which is a big deal. (Who, BTW, has a big interview with Charlie Rose airing this Sunday.)

And then, like all the other cycles, people started to move on again.

And Trump got back to work, got back to work on his agenda and trying to make deals.

Up to this point, he had more or less failed to make any deals happen despite having a Republican majority in Congress.

And you know, they totally dropped the ball on healthcare and stuff.

Which is sort of where things get really crazy this week.

This week, Trump made a deal with the Democrats on the debt ceiling and relief funding.

It left the Republicans totally aghast.

Trump basically gave up all Republican leverage to make a deal with the Dems.

It’s pretty much unprecedented for a Republican president with a majority in both the House and the Senate.

It’s totally crazy!!!

And IDK, it’s also sort of awesome?

Deep down in me a little child is sort of squealing.

Like I haven’t been able to fully unpack the implications of what just went down, politically, this week.

But to me, the ramifications are YUGE.

This is the Trump that his supporters idealized.

He made a deal.

He made a deal no one was expecting.

The big question now is how this impacts his ability to make deals going forward.

We know that the old way, the Republican establishment’s way, was not working.

They saw Trump as a tool to push their existing, stale agenda that no one voted for during the primaries.

Now we are in totally new, totally crazy territory.

A lot of presidents have talked about crossing the aisle to build bipartisan support. Obama talked about it a lot. But it ended up mostly being talk. In fact, the situation only became further divided and entrenched, not all of which is necessarily his fault. But that’s how it played out.

Could Trump do the unthinkable?

Anyway, here’s one thing to give you pause and give you a clue as to how DT will think about things going forward.

He LOVED the press response to his deal with Chuck and Nancy.

He LOVED it.

He was ecstatic.

He like immediately called Chuck and Nancy to tell them how much he loved it.

Because, you know, at the end of the day, Donald ain’t that different from you and me.


At the end of the day, we’re all the same, you know?

We just wanna be loved.

Have a great weekend everyone!!!

Oh ya little BOOK CLUB addendum:

The Murakami running book was OK. IDK if I would necessarily recommend it, but if you love Haruki and you love running or are at least curious about those two things, it might be worth a read. At the very least, it’s an easy read. There were certain parts I really, really liked, like the chapter where he talks about writing and running. And generally, it’s a fascinating look into the mind of such a kewl writer. What makes him tick, you know. Also because Murakami is a late bloomer, didn’t start writing until he was like 30. It just came to him one day at a baseball game. So yeah, all good stuff.

Also, I’m sort of into the idea of reading multiple books at once these days—because sometimes it’s just nice to switch things up. So I will be starting two new books.

Well, I already started one, I’m like 100 pages in, Mrs. Fletcher by Tom Perrotta. He’s the guy who wrote The Leftovers, which became that HBO show starring Jennifer Aniston’s husband.

And as Anna noted to me—she’s the one who recommended the book—he also wrote Election, which turned into a movie, a really, really excellent movie, as it turns out.

I hadn’t seen the movie so I watched it a couple weeks ago. Man, it was really great. Sarah Jessica Parker’s husband and Reese Witherspoon were both excellent.

Anyway, Anna recommended it because it’s thematically about the suburbs, which, as you all know, is something I’ve talked about here and there. (Anna hasn’t read it, but her copy arrived this week and she’ll be starting it this weekend. You guys should join us!!!)

The other book I’ll be starting, which I’m 0 pages into is one recommended by my good friend Chris—Ready Player One by Ernest Cline.

He actually recommended it a few months ago, and I ordered it and it’s just been sitting there on my table so I gotta read it, I gotta, it’s time.

Also, a couple months after Chris recommended it to me, Casey Neistat recommended it.

Which more or less tells you everything you need to know about how kewl Chris is.

Way kewler than whoever that Casey Neistat guy is, that’s for sure. (Actually, you know, they are both pretty kewl I bet they would get along great, loll.)

But yeah, you guys should also read that with me. LMK if you are so we can discuss!!!

OK, that’s all for now, bye.