The beginning of something new.

Here’s a fun one starring my sister Nina and a few friends who happened to be converging in my old stomping grounds, the Lower East Side.

This was shot about a week and a half ago and sort of feels like the last batch of videos from this last cycle of my life in which I was very insular and focused on rebuilding myself in the way that I always wanted.

There is a sort of elegance to working out and running and all that jazz, this semblance of control. It’s a sort of guaranteed certainty in an uncertain world.

If you put in the work, if you’re consistent, if you follow the program then the results will come.

For me, it was a warm blanket and a hot cup of chocolate compared to the winter of uncertainty that comes with DONUTS and all that it entails, where every day you wake up and just feel like you have no idea what you are doing. And you have no idea what tomorrow holds.

It’s fucking scary!

And so the certainty of all that other stuff, the running, the lifting, eating well, that provided ample platform to the sheer insanity of making stuff for the sole reason of making stuff just the way you want to make it.

Somewhere I could retreat and find solace, something that helped empower me to take confident steps forward into a scary and uncertain world.

In other words, we have started to take those steps!

That’s also why it feels like we’re entering a new chapter and a new cycle, leaving the realm of what we know and into a whole new world, unknown.

Damn, that’s exciting!

And frightening.

But, whatever man, here we are.

I’m typing this on the train, surrounded by a gaggle of students who hopped on at Beacon, heading to the city to meet Walter to work on a fun experimental shoot thing or whatever, which I’m really scared about but also really looking forward to.

Scared because the shoot will sort of force me to confront a lot of my lingering insecurities with the current stuff I am doing. Excited because every time I challenge myself as such, the results are always very worthwhile, one way or another.

And PUMPED because the only thing I love more than hanging out with Walter is hanging out with Walter and working on video stuff together.

Happy Hump Day!