We're getting better but we have a long way to go.

A few people have been asking me, like. WHERE’S DONUTS?


Well, the short answer is basically, making videos is a pain in the butt.

It’s not like I don’t want to write.

In fact, I have so much I want to write about.

So many idle thoughts, bombastic ideas, stupid stuff I just want to share with you guys.

But I’ve had to hold back and control myself.

After writing regularly for over six months, writing is sort of my comfort zone now.

So for me, writing sort of embodies complacency.

I get to just sit in my room and do my thing.

And then I get to put it out there and I get a payoff when all of you read it and stuff.

It’s an easy high!

Maybe a little too easy?

Well, not too easy, but you know what I mean.

It’s like, if I keep doing the writing thing, I expend some creative juices and get that creative fulfilment and so that sort of leaves less juice for the video stuff.

And I really want to focus on video stuff.

Because the thing is, when you’re writing, you’re never really not writing.

Everything becomes writing.

Every thought is writing

Everything that happens is writing.

Every interaction you have is writing

Every moment, every feeling.

It’s all writing.

Your thoughts are always racing, always piecing things together, always swishing ideas two and fro.

Sure, you’re not actually physically like sitting there writing.

But dude, you are writing, like all the time.

Constantly searching, constantly thinking, constantly writing.

Consciously, subconsciously, it’s not really something you can really turn off.

In a way, it’s the same thing for video.

For video, I feel like 95% of all the editing work I do sitting on the train or driving around listening to music.

Music is usually an easy place to start for me. (The opening and ending tracks are both from the Baby Driver soundtrack. I LOVE THAT SOUNDTRACK.)

I listen to stuff and I think about stuff and I picture stuff.

And from there, things just sort of fall into place, almost rhythmically.

That’s all before I ever even sit down in front of the computer.

I’m in a unique position where I am shooting all my stuff, doing all my own editing. So all the shots, all the moments, all the ideas, they’re already in my head.

The computer is just hardware for transmuting those abstractions into something transmittable over copper wire.

So by the time I sit down, it seems like 95% of the work is done.

At that point, it’s just about going through the tedious grinding motions of hammering each nail perfectly into place.

Or in most cases, not so perfectly but sturdily, you know?

We tryna be raw here.

(But authentic.)

All of which to say is that I am thinking about stuff most of the time from the framework of video right now.

And so that means total focus.

You should be excited about that though!

Because I am!

I am super duper excited, lol.

Anyway, this was the first video in which I used my new setup that’s a little more easy and accessible and lowkey.

But I am still super shy about it!!!

That’s something I have to get over, too, like being THAT GUY WITH THE CAMERA.

Which is something I sort of hate?

But it’s a necessary evil?

I’ll do it though, just for you guys.

But I still suck at it.

And did I mention I’m super shy?

It’s hard!

So yeah, a bit light on content for this video but more heavy on vibes, I guess, or at least I hope.

We’ll get better, I promise.

See you soon.