Are you on it?


What a bunch of whiners you bunch are!

Look, I hear you guys loud and clear, you want me to write more.



Honestly, I’m flattered. There is no better honor in this world than being missed by the people you care about. That’s so kewl. And really, I missed you guys, too. I felt a little lost not writing. But I was very determined about it.

Anyway, it’s not like I haven’t been writing.

That’s impossible, obviously.

So I will share a fun, not too serious one from my notes. Just a bunch of rambling, unedited. But maybe you’ll like it since y’all are super thirsty right now.

it behooves us all to get on the right track

no matter what track u r on, the easiest thing to do is stay on that track

it’s so easy, IDK why.

the thing is, being on the right track is easy, too.

people think it’s hard, but no, it’s ez.

like they say, old habits die hard.

u just have to make sure you’re on it.

the right track, that is.

and if you find yourself on the wrong track, you best make sure you get off as soon as friggin’ possible.

the thing is, that’s not always easy.

because it’s not always easy to know that you’re on the wrong track.

we as humans, we’re so good man, we’re so good at rationalizing whatever situation we’re in, whatever track we’re on.

no matter what track you’re on, the right track, the stagnant track, or the wrong track, it doesn’t matter.

your brain is going to trick you into thinking you’re on the right one!

so I mean how do you know if you’re on the wrong track?

first off, definitely don’t expect anyone to tell you.

that almost never seems to happen.

and even if they did try and tell you, you wouldn’t listen.

you wouldn’t accept what they wanted to say.

cuz again, your brain is going to trick you into rationalizing whatever track you’re on, right or wrong.

and so people learn not to really get involved in other people’s business like that.

they know it’s futile.

so really you have to sort of figure it out for yourself. you have to develop some sort of self awareness. you need to be able to spot the leading indicators.

but you are going to have to learn that for yourself. it’s hard for anyone to teach you that.

you are going to have to learn that for yourself.

and it behooves you to do so.

only you can know yourself.

because usually what happens is that you just keep chugging along whatever track you’re on.

for most of us, that means coasting and in a way, that’s sort of the worst because you can coast forever. you can coast until you die motherfucker. and then it’s over!

weirdly, that’s sort of the romantic narrative about being on the wrong track.

because that stuff’s not forever.

a star that shines the brightest and whatnot.

it’s not sustainable.

that stuff ends prematurely.

if you’re LUCKY?

if you’re lucky you hit rock bottom and you survive and now you’re woke and you get a chance to be reborn.

which again, has its upsides to coasting because there will come that inevitable wake up call.

no matter what, there’s a moment of truth.

if you’re lucky that is.

a lot of people aren’t that lucky.

you don’t want your moment of truth to also be your last moment.

the other problem at this juncture is that a lot of people, rather than getting on the right track will get right back on the wrong track.

which is sad but that’s life. once you’ve been on the wrong track for a while, the right track seems farther and farther away.

but still, there are so many beautiful stories about people who were on the wrong track.

and then they woke up.

they got back on the right track and they made it to the land of milk and honey.

i mean you’re talking about the biggest hollywood blockbuster of all time.


but you know, it comes in all forms. it’s a universal tale, you know.

because there’s nothing better than redemption.

zero to hero is big.

but negative zero to hero is YUGE.

so redemption is def the most inclusive belief—that no matter how far you fall, you can still get up.

and not to just get back up, but to soar.

to fucking THRIVE.

to live for the first time.

the other thing is that there are a spectrum of right tracks

because you sort of get to design the right track for yourself.

and so when you think about track design, the key is not to make it the MOST right track.

the key is actually to make it the most sustainable track.

because the best case scenario is to stay true.

to stay on that fucking track.

and the worst case scenario is to fall off.

because once you’re off.

you know how hard it is to get back on.

so there is danger in being TOO RIGHT, believe it or not.

because being TOO RIGHT is volatile.

one wrong turn at too high speed and you risk the entire train crashing and burning.

so keep that in mind.

when you’ve derailed and now you have a moment to pause and think about how to best move forward.

just keep that in mind.

because the goal is just to keep on chugging.

so that you can keep your seat at the table.

that’s the only way you get to eat.

and so that’s why the right track.

it’s usually also the humble track.

the thing with the humble track is that there is no immediate payoff.

there is no big celebration for you.

there is no rush of dopamine to the head.

at least not at first.

it’s humble man.

that’s the sneaky thing about being on the right track.

you don’t really know you’re on it until you’ve been on it for a bit.

you look around and you are like, WTF am i on the right train?

is this fucking it?


yawnasaurus rex, man.

there’s no instant gratification.

it’s a slow burn.

very, very slow.

if you don’t have patience, you’re just not gonna figure it out.

you won’t get a taste.

it won’t happen.

and you won’t even know what you’re tasting when you do.

because it’s not like that, you know.

it’s a different kind of experience.

but if you do have that patience then you are in for a real treat.

you’ll start to notice things.

first slowly but then more and more regularly.

there will be a rhythm to it.

a beat.

and then you’ll start to notice that this isn’t the beat of the universe.

this rhythm and beat, it’s coming from you, from inside you.

and this rhythm starts to pulse within everything that you do, everything that you touch, everything that you feel, everything that you experience.

it’s a rhythm that builds up into a vibrating energy.

and that’s when you start to notice.

man, I’m doing good.

but that’s not even the fun part.

because the fun part is that you notice people around you are starting to do good, too.

you notice that they are starting to feel your rhythm.

you notice them dancing to your beat.

you notice them vibing with your energy.

and suddenly, you notice.

you’re on the right track.