Also, I need to get out more.

So I am still figuring out this video thing.

I basically want to get to a place where I can just quickly and easily make lots and lots of videos in a bunch of different kinds of situations—where some are more thought out and planned and produced and others are sort of more on a whim and stream of consciousness and in the moment.

This video was a little frustrating because I was sort of stuck in two minds. I’m also getting used to the idea of just carrying a camera around with me at all times.

It sort of goes against my natural impulses. I’ve never been big on social media. I like being present. I like being there. I hadn’t seen my friends in a while and I wanted to hang out. After a long race, I just wanted to chill.

The last thing I wanted to do was be “on” and shooting and thinking and working.

So that was tough.

Also, I realized my setup was way too cumbersome and as a result I was lugging around all this stuff but all for naught anyway because I missed all the kewl shots because I wasn’t ready or couldn’t get ready in time.

And so I came back with very little footage.

But that’s sort of like the challenge of writing regularly, too.

Sometimes you have all the puzzle pieces to paint this marvelous picture.

Other times you just have to make due and grin and bear it and survive.

The funny thing is that no matter what, once I’m done making the video, I’m always super happy lol.

Every video I make ends up being my favorite video ever.

IDK why.

But I like it.

The other thing this video journey is sort of forcing me to accept is that… I need to get out more. Do more stuff. Find more stories.

Writing is sort of lazy in that I can just sit around and browse the web but video is a very physical and social endeavor.

Which is good.

The timing is right.

It’s time to break out of my shell again.

Sooo… let’s hang out?