I haven’t been writing much this week. I’ve been focused on editing some video.

But one thing that’s still buzzing in my mind is Shoe Dog.

Man, it really affected me.

Phil Knight really just zeroed in on what it’s all about. I didn’t know much about Nike. Really, I knew nothing.

But in Nike, Knight found pretty solid balance of everything that I’ve been talking about—the stuff I want.

It’s a little skewed in certain ways, for sure, the consequence of building a multi-billion multinational.

The spirit though, the spirit was 100 percent on point.

And so in the end, Knight had it all.

I’m not saying the goal is to turn DONUTS into a billion dollar company. But the goal is certainly to turn DONUTS into something special, into a vehicle to give us everything that we want.

You know, if we accomplish only 1% of what Phil did, we’ll be pretty good.

It’s funny, he ends the book talking about how he had only one thing left to do after all his success, after his long, compelling, fulfilling journey.

The last thing for him to do was to tell the story.

To tell the story right.

I think that’s what’s kewl about DONUTS and also what’s kewl about this new era of DONUT-building or NIKE-building.

The story gets told in real-time.

It gets told right here.

You don’t have to wait for it to end before you get the story.

You get it as it happens.

And you know, I have no idea where DONUTS is going, to be perfectly honest. It could all blow up and fail spectacularly.

But one thing that you can’t deny is that we’re telling our very own story.

Mostly, I’m just happy that you guys are following along.

Really, it’s the best.

Have a great weekend!

PS Oh yeah. I read 20 pages of the Inner Game of Work and I hated it. So I’m quitting while I’m behind and moving onto a book Susan recommended, The Paper Menagerie by Ken Liu, which is a collection of short stories. I’ve only read a teensy bit and I’m already in love. Just so in love. Who is this Ken Liu guy. What a guy.

PPS Speaking of Susan, she and I had a nice conversation about the whole quitting drinking thing. Mainly concluding that we have such similar personalities—we have very addictive personalities. I mean just look at my running. Leave it to me to take a fundamentally healthy thing and mutate it into an unhealthy obsession. But she suggested that for people like us, we sort of just need a framework. Like if there’s no framework, then it’s a very slippery slope. But if you have a framework and stick to it, the situation can be very constructive while still having some leeway.

And this sort of solves my personal issue of not wanting to make a big deal about the not drinking thing in social situations.

So the framework is basically just limiting yourself to one drink per night.

Sounds kinda dumb and obvious and whatever. But for me, it feels like the perfect solution to what I’m looking for.

Susan also noted that it’s not healthy or sustainable to consistently deny yourself stuff. Which is something my sister has talked about, too.

So guys, happy hour?? 🙂