I always have.

Did you know?

I’ve been here before.

In this very place.

This place where I feel like I’m sort of in the zone. Where everything is going right and I’m doing all the right things. Where I feel like I’m on top of the stuff that matters. And as a result, I feel really, really good.

I’ve been in this place before.

Where everything is going great. The results are great. Great things are coming.

You wanna know what happened next?

I crashed and burned.

I screwed up.

The whole house of cards came crashing and crumbling down.

We had a built but a sand castle before the tide.

I’ve had these amazing streaks with writing, with fitness, with life, with work, whatever.

They all ended.

I screwed up every time.

Every time I would think to myself, you know, this time is different, though.

And you know, this time feels a little different, too.

Like, the streak is more complete in a way because it’s not just one thing but a lot of things. It’s not just writing, it’s also running. It’s not just health, it’s also work. And it’s also the stuff I’m not doing.

But still, I’m going to screw this up.

Because I have every single time.

Every time it’s gone good, there comes a point when it goes bad.

Where I’ve had to step back and reflect on how I screwed it all up, and then slowly but surely, pick up the pieces, pick up where I left off.

So there is a 100% chance I’m going to screw this all up all over again.

I’m sure of it.

But you know what?

I’m OK with that.

Have a nice weekend my loves.

See you on the other side.

PS Check out the site. We have an integrated running widget now 😀